Keeping a Lock on your Key Control

In a world where security technology is rapidly advancing and bringing tighter security, easier operations and significant saving, there remains one security management function languishing in antiquity.

Key Control Management!

Many businesses, despite installing advanced systems for surveillance, monitoring, or access control are retaining a key control management that opens them to vulnerability.

Over the years there has been a reduction in the number of keys we use. But the reality is keys aren’t going anywhere, they will remain a relevant and important component of business acccess and secuerity for years to come.

So, it makes sense to find a way to move beyond legacy key management systems easily compromised by things like:

  • sharing of PINS or other user credentials for accessing keys.
  • a failure to integrate with access control systems.
  • inability to integrate key control with access control systems.
  • the number of keys outgrowing the size of the cabinet – meaning that some keys must reside outside the secure cabinet.
  • no automated alert system for when keys are kept beyond the required time-frame … or not returned at all.

Furthermore, legacy key control systems can be very costly, particularly when considering the time involved in managing the system.

There are steps you can take to improve the effectiveness of your existing key management protocols.

  • Step 1: Conduct key audit to identify the status quo.
  • Step 2: Take action on your audit by, where necessary, re-keying and changing locks. Create a key hierarchy – a powerful way to organise your keys.
  • Step 3: Check all related policies and protocols for relevance and compliance. Adjust them where needed. Importantly ensure that all personnel understand the importance of complying.

For more details in have Smarter Key Control In The Workplace download the e-book from Torusdownload Smarter Key Control In The Workplace.

TORUS’ Key Management System takes advantage of today’s technology. It is a state-of-the-art Key Management System, from Australian company CIC Technology, and is making a global impact on security protocols and the management of keys.

Exact Technologies now has the TORUS Key Management System available to its clients.

Some of the advanatages delivered by TORUS include:

  • Solutions are available for businesses of every size; from small businesses to larger multi-site enterprises.
  • Integration with access control systems including Integriti and Gallagher.
  • Automated alerts when keys are not returned at designated times.
  • Duress PIN codes for notifying the monitoring centre or police in hold-up or other distress situations.

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