Reliable, accurate people-counting metrics are essential elements to determine how well your strategies for attracting and converting customers are working. We have examined a range of systems that can deliver this need.

Traffic Insights from Beonic, is a sophisticated, network-ready people-counting system that can be tailored to suit all types of venues, large and small. It is ideal for large, open plan venues and multi-site venues.

This software is the culmination of over a decade of ongoing use, testing and development under the most demanding business conditions and requirements. It is built on Java EE and supports all major platforms offering unparalleled operating system and database flexibility.

Facial Recognition

People Counting in Real-time

The ideal solution for ensuring compliance with venue occupancy limitations.

Facial Recognition

Hosting Benefits

Traffic Insight collates data from a network of highly accurate sensors and combines this with POS, roster and other data types.

Traffic Insights is available as an enterprise of hosted solution. In the hosted solution Beonic Technologies is responsible for the server infrastructure, software, maintenance and data backup and recovery

  • Reduced upfront cost.
  • Fully managed, reliable and secure.
  • Accessible anywhere via the internet.
  • Funded via operating expenditure.
  • Includes software support.
  • Multi-site data backup and recovery.
  • Simple web browser interface.