Exact Technologies has been delivering security solutions for more than a decade.

Our end-to-end service – from system design through to ongoing maintenance – has been successfully deployed over a range of industry sectors. Whether you need to protect highly regulated environments (like casino & gaming), demanding outdoor precincts (like sporting stadia) or complex multi-site properties we can design solutions to suit both your need and your budget.

The EXACT Focus

  • Quality Products – Quality products are central to the security solutions we develop for clients – the products we recommend are both proven and cutting edge.
  • Exceptional Expertise – Experience and expertise is applied to every aspect of our design and installation. We specialise in complex, highly regulated and multi-site solutions.
  • Client-Centred Service – We listen carefully to your needs, we look for the systems and ongoing services that deliver the outcomes you want.
  • Protecting Your Assets – It’s what we love to do! And we do it well. Our belief that great security leads to better lives keeps us striving to improve.

The EXACT Specialties

  • Highly Regulated Environments – Casino and the gaming industry are governed by extensive regulation. Security and surveillance solutions in these environments need to be precise, rigorous and 100% reliable. We have serviced the NSW gaming industry for many years, our clients include some of its biggest players.
  • Demanding Outdoor Precincts – Outdoor precincts present unique challenges at every level – from system design and operation through to the durability and weather resistance of equipment.
  • Multi-Site Properties – Outdoor precincts present unique challenges at every level – from system design and operation through to the durability and weather resistance of equipment.

EXACT best practice

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System – This means we’ve taken steps to improve and optimise our operations. It affirms our long-held commitment to continual improvement and consistently providing products to meet clients’ needs.
  • ISO 14001 Environment Management System – This formerly acknowledges our commitnment to minimising our environmental impact while maintaiing the high quality of our services and products.
  • ISO 45001 OH&S Management System – Companies receive this when they develop efficient safety systems while keep high service standards. It means that our commitment to prevent of workplace injury and illness is one of our leading priorities.

The Exact Family - Safeguarding Your Assets

Premium Security Personnel

Exact provides high quality, customer-focused security personnel to a variety of industries and specialises in security solutions for registered clubs and high-rise commercial & residential complexes.


Building Management Services

Exact delivers effective, quality-driven management for your property while ensuring the security and comfort of your residents, occupants and guests. Simple. Streamlined. Secure.

We are driven by both quality products and outstanding workmanship. By coupling superior products with exceptional expertise Exact clients experience unparalleled quality & service delivery and therefore incredible value.