Licence Plate Recognition


Not so long ago speed and lighting issues were big hurdles to capturing images of car licence plates – both these challenges have been overcome.

Integrated infra-red illumination and white light filtering ensures readable images can be captured in the most challenging of lighting conditions. And high image rate sensors means that clear plate capture can be achieved for cars traveling at up to 80kmh.



A car enters your carpark, its licence number is captured and your surveillance system sends an alert to your customer service manager saying something like:

“Be prepared! Mr Jones – VIP Member is approaching.”

Your team goes into action preparing exactly the type of visit preferred by Mr Jones – it may be very private and low key or he may like something of a fuss. Whatever it is you can have it covered and make your VIP customer feel valued.

It CAN be done! Easily. You can deliver a dramatic change to your customers’ experience and add to their safety and security.