Access Control: Old Systems Still Work but …

Access Control is one of those functions that many seem to “set and forget” – this is especially noticeable in the hospitality sector. From our observations most of the Access Control Systems in operation across registered clubs are pretty old – anything up to about 20 years old!

Don’t get me wrong, these systems are still working and serving their purpose – despite their age, they are pretty good.

Should they be updated, upgraded? And, if so, when?

Well, clearly, changing systems whenever there is an improvement in technology is completely out of the question – technology changes so fast attempting this would drive you crazy … and send you broke!

And waiting for the system to fail places a pretty big risk on your business. Remember the old saying:

The true cost of your system is discovered when your system fails.

So, upgrading your access control should happen somewhere between these two extremes.  Only you can really determine that point – it depends on many things including your appetite for risk.

But for some enterprises – and many clubs – decades may have passed since they installed their Access systems. And so, there has also been decades of innovation, development and improvement. This is true for both software and hardware … and in the case of Access Control it is the software that is most noticeably approaching its “retirement age”.

More robust, powerful, and easier-to-operate software is readily and affordably available – and often there is no need for hardware replacement.

When speaking about Access Control in the club industry Exact Tech’s CEO, Steve Van Zwieten, suggests a number of excellent options for upgrades are available.

The technologu advances for access control have been incredible. Exact offers 3 systems – Gallagher, TecomC4 and Integriti – each of them exceptional. But a lot of clubs run TITAN and could make a simple jump forward by looking at TecomC4.

TecomC4 from Interlogix is management software allowing the management of single or multiple site facilities from a single interface that incorporates intrusion, access control and surveillance.

Some of the features of TecomC4 are:

  • Manage and control multiple sites.
  • intuitive user interface for all devices.
  • Manage & control alarms from devices.
  • Native support for 3rd party devices.
  • Dynamic floor plans.
  • Database partitioning for multi-site operations.
  • Built-in event history.

Reading through the capability and benefits is great but, really, it doesn’t do justice – a live demonstration will give you a clearer picture and better understanding. You can see the system at work, touch and feel it, ask questions and learn more about how it would fit your unique circumstances and needs.

With technology changing so rapidly it really is important to review your systems and look for improvements – especially when age may be starting to slow them down.

And having a system demonstration gives you a new perspective, particularly if the demonstration is from someone with expertise in installing and operating all types of security technology and with extensive experience in hospitality and gaming.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES is the perfect partner for that conversation and will come to your venue to also demonstrate a system that offers features a step ahead of competitors.

Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation consultation – or click here, submit your details and we’ll contact you.  Or just call us on 1 300 802 298