Analytics & Intelligence


People Counting

Reliable, accurate people-counting metrics are essential elements to determine how well your strategies for attracting and converting customers are working.


Licence Plate Recognition

Advances in Licence Plate Recognition makes carpark security & safety far more efficient and affordable - and adds another dimension to your customer service programs.

Facial Recognitioin image

Face Recognition

For many years we have been looking for a facial recognition platform to suit the Australian business environment. And we found it.

How we respond to change can determine the success – even the survival – of our businesses. It can be a big challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated. In many cases we can harness existing technologies to meet those challenges.

In fact this is how we see our future – helping you to harness technological resources, analytical data and intelligence to:

  • find solutions to problems and challenges confronting your business,
  • create and advance opportunities for your business,
  • respond to changes imposed on your business by legislators, regulators or community attitudes,
  • enhance your decision making with relevant video analytics, intelligence and data.