The Avigilon system has some powerful strengths. Combining the Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ with their range of cameras delivers high quality images and maximum coverage while intelligently managing your bandwidth. Their system are intuitive, user friendly and can work with other systems. Exact has a direct relationship with Avigilon, you cannot find a better deal anywhere.

The development focus of Genetec is unification and, therefore, making securing your assets easier and more efficient. The architecture for Genetec's security platform gives you the power to choose. It is flexible and scalable and so can support the long-term changes to your needs. Adding licenses and modules is easy and presents no issues with needed - without any compatability issues.

Milestone XProtect is a powerful software platform that offers flexibility and versatility - with XProtect you can build your entire system just the way you want. For example it supports more than 6,000 different camera models. You can completely customize your system with hardware that meets your budget and needs and the open platform allows integration with other business systems.