Consider Security Technology Early On In Building Projects.

Building costs – whether for new venues or renovations – are driven upwards by variations and re-works. Both are costly in terms of the building costs but they also push out completion dates and defer any potential financial returns.

When new requirements are identified late in the construction phase – or even after the builders have started – they are likely to cause costly changes to the project.

This is not only undesirable but also often completely avoidable.

So often the security needs are not given sufficient consideration until a point that will cause variations or, worse, re-doing stuff that has already been done!

4 Steps To Great Security Outcomes Without Causing Project Variations.

  1. Define the security outcomes for the area and how it will integrate with your entire property.
  2. Identify and document the security system currently operating in your business.
  3. Determine the optimum system to achieve your outcomes. Look at both your your future needs and existing systems – especially IT and Security Systems).
  4. Develop the budget for the security component of your building project – include changes that may be forced on existing systems.

There are a couple of key opportunities in the schedule to begin integrating the design of your security system with your construction project management.

  1. Right up-front! Have a clear, comprehensive and documented plan for your security system is an ideal asset when entering the planning phase of a construction project.
  2. When builders start their involvement in the project. At this point the builders’ technical drawings can be the foundation for developing plans and budgets around the security component of the project.

Early involvement of security professionals is one of the great advantage of having a security provider working as a partner in your business rather than a vendor to your business.

EXACTS’s planning processes are designed to ensure the efficient delivery of your security outcomes – within budget! Engaging EXACT early in your project we can assist you in:

  • Successfully integrating the security technologies of new and existing areas of your venue.
  • Incorporating your security technologies into your overall IT infrastructure.
  • Delivering a security solution designed and structured to accommodate your venue’s future.

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