3 Essential Properties For Your Security System

3 Essentials Qualities

Today, more than ever, security systems are vital to hospitality & gaming operations. Even though this industry was already highly regulated and legislated, recent events have meant additional requirements, new protocols, heightened responsibility and harsher consequences for breaches.

It is easy for this type of environment – rapid changes accompanied by higher levels of enforcement and penalty – to create urgency and pressure. And this can mean less than optimum decisions.

Having a clear purpose driving your decisions can avert bad decisions. But in the case of security technology clarity alone may not be sufficient. Of course, if you have a technology specialist – a trusted technology specialist – available, it would be a big help.

Even then though, there are 3 characterstics of any system that are essential. You should be without compromise when it comes to these.

The 3 Essentials For A Security Surveillance Systems

1. Ease And Speed Of Use.

When an operator needs to search your system for an incident or person it will take some time. This time – and therefore the cost to you – is dependent on how easy it is for the operator to navigate their way in the system and how quickly your system can complete the search and then export the required files.

If your operator takes 1 hour to complete this task on System A and only 20 minutes on System B then System B has a very clear advantage over System A. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often this test is left out of calculations.

2. Image Clarity And Quality.

The image is central to your surveillance system. Of course, you can sacrifice some image quality for price – the question is how much. If you go too far with that sacrifice, your savings on price could become very expensive. Your images need to have the level of clarity and quality that will permit rapid and accurate searching.

Once again, this should be tested rigorously before any purchase decisions are made.

3. System Design To Fit Your Venue.

This refers more to your vendor rather than the system itself. Designing simply means that the systems is consciously and purposefully put together to fit your venue needs. These needs include the immediate outcomes you need as well as accommodation for your predicted (and sometime unpredicted) future needs.

In many cases this can only be achieved by someone with expertise and experience with both the technology and the operational aspects of your industry.

Your clarity of purpose combined with the skill of the vendor will have a huge impact on how your system works for you – if you are undertaken any construction, redevelopment or refurbishment it is vital your security tech expert is on board as early as possible.

What Else To Look For In A Security System.

Of course there are other attributes of systems to consider before deciding on the system for you. While considering the factors listed next, keep the 3 Essentials in mind – never let their importance fade out of sight.

  • AFFORDABILITY – your budget is clearly a huge consideration. Remember that saving on an inadequate system is a recipe for budget blow-out!
  • SUITABILITY – how well does the system meet your needs? These needs may include a wide range of factors – and are likelt to be both immediate or future oriented. Working out whether the system is a suitable solution is all in the planning.
  • RELABILITY – you will be relying on your security system, so it better be reliable!!
  • DURABILITY – what is the lifecyle of the system and its component? What does the maintenance and/or replacement schedule look like and how much will it cost you? Will you be required to pay for any upgrades?
  • SCALABILITY – is the system capable of being dialed up or down according to fluctuations in your business?
  • FLEXIBILITY – will you be locked inot any specific equipment or hardware? Will it interface with other systems you are running?

Seeking Advice Right At The Start Will Make A Huge Difference

Just as the chippies say – measure twice, cut once.

What you do at the beginning of your project to purchase, upgrade or expand you security system, will count a long way to the value it returns to you.

So, call on the professionals in this industry. Get them to spend some time with you showing you what they can do and what demonstrating the equipment they are recommending. You may need to speak with three of four different providers to compare their products, their capability and their culture.

The bottom line is that the best value and the cheapest price are not the same thing – this is especially true of security systems.

Of course, Exact Technologies is ready to help you on your journey, we are only a phone call or email away … and it costs nothing to have a chat.

Featured image from Unsplash: Design – Alvoro Reyes; Clarity – David Travis; Speed – toin G.