Self-Exclusion – Keeping It Tight

One of the most important responsibilities for gaming venues rests in creating barriers to entry for some people – namely those for whom gaming creates problems.

This is a difficult challenge. One that has to be met with great sensitivity, yet be highly effective.

Re-entry by self-excluded people is a serious problem.

When a person decides they need to be excluded entry for gaming venues, it is a serious decision not made lightly. Venues need to be alert to this and do their very best to institute systems and methods to ensure the barriers go up if they try to re-enter the venue.

If they slip through it could be disastrous for them … it could also prove very costly for the venue.

It is easy to imagine that registering as a self-excluded person would be the end of the story. But, really, it is only the beginning.

The gambling addiction plays tricks convincing the problem gambler that “just one more session won’t hurt” or that they “will have a bit of luck this time”. Inevitably, attempted re-entry becomes a possibility. It is a serious issue.

Technology is available to meet the challenge of re-entry.

State of the art facial recognition technology provides the means for protecting self-excluded patrons – effectively and sensitively.

The sophistication of the technology today means that there is no compromising patrons’ privacy. It surprises many to discover that the system doesn’t store facial images. It works by mapping features and storing the information as literally a secured encrypted set of codes.

If you’re looking to use facial recognition technology be sure to check it is compliant with the stringent requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which protects the personal data of citizens. mapping features and storing the information as literally a secured encrypted set of codes.

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