Keeping A Track On Venue Occupancy

Knowing how many people are in your venue – and in each separate zone of your venue – will be one of the big pressure points for our industry over coming months and probably longer.

Occupancy will undoubtedly be closely watched by regulators, police, the community and even your patrons.

So, getting it right is important.

And the single most important feature in getting it right?

Access to accurate real-time data.

There are a number of solutions available for this. For example, you could place a staff member at each zone in your venue and conduct manual counts – the downsides of this are the ongoing expense and the high potential for error.

Many venues already have automated people-counting systems. However, most of those being used now are reporting data and not providing real-time data. It would be very risky to apply these systems to monitor occupancy levels.

Of course, there are real-time people-counting systems available – most will require purchase of new CCTV cameras and possibly other new hardware, they also may take some time to install and deploy.

Social Compliance Dashboard – Real Time Occupancy

The ideal solution for many will be one that:

  • Offers real-time data for the venue in total, and for each zone within the venue.
  • Can utilise existing infrastructure like CCTV cameras.
  • Can be installed and deployed rapidly.

The solution adopted by Canterbury League Club offers precisely these 3 key features.

This solution is available from EXACT TECHNOLOGIES – we are prepared to provide a free consultation to your venue to help determine if this solution offers the best value and best fit for your venue.

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